About Us

The Oregon Council of Trout Unlimited (OCTU) has a reputation for being a positive influence on fisheries conservation and habitat work in our state. The State Council has put in many hours in Salem advocating for fish-friendly stream use. Recent issues of concern include mining and logging rules, use of biocides in Oregon forests, and in-stream flows for fish. OCTU continues to work on these issues with the legislature and responsible state agencies for best practices and science-based solutions. The Oregon Council does this advocacy work with all volunteers, with support from TU paid staff in Oregon. We do not employ paid lobbyists in Salem.

The core of TU’s mission is to “connect, protect, and restore coldwater fisheries and their habitat,” and OCTU carries that out in Oregon. The great habitat work is all because of the fantastic grassroots efforts from the local chapters across the state — 7 chapters, to be exact. The grassroots support for TU in Oregon is already amazing, and we continue to offer more opportunities to work on fun and important projects. OCTU also supports some regional projects like the Salmon SuperHwy on the North Oregon Coast. We are working to open 170 miles of habitat for all five species of salmon and steelhead.
Of course, all this great work takes funding. We appreciate all of our TU members and supporters in Oregon, regardless of your level of participation, and we appreciate your donations to the Council. We use these funds to support local chapters and regional projects across the state. If you donate to the Council, all of the funds stay in Oregon, supporting state and local projects.